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Introduction to the bundle!

This bundle teaches you all the necessary things you will ever need in editing

The knowledge in this course is one of the biggest reasons why I am doing editing and travelling full time.

Teaching others is one of my passions and I want to make it possible for everyone.

It's time to crush it and take your skills to the next level!

Are you someone who would want to have all the necessary skills and way more than that in photo editing?

If your answer is a big YES, then this bundle is exactly for you. I have included all of my courses in this bundle, which means that you can be a complete noob or a stranger to Photoshop and you will still master the program after you've watched all the courses inside of this incredible bundle.

Learn Photoshop from 7 extremely unique and detailed online courses and become an editing master. Learn from over 100+ lessons in total and join our rapidly growing community of over 2000 students worldwide.

You will also get access to my private student mentoring Facebook group where all of the students of my courses and I will be ready to help you out with any problem you might have!


Your Instructor

Julius Kähkönen
Julius Kähkönen

Now, who is the man behind these courses?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Julius. At the age of Eighteen, I managed to grow my Instagram account to over 170k within my first year seriously into Instagram. All of this led into the situation of me doing digital art full time and travelling/teaching as my living. I also sell my online courses which takes almost all of my time nowadays.

I love the internet and it changed my whole life just in a year because of my dedication towards art and sharing my knowledge to others. I hope more people would understand the power of content in social media so they could start doing it full time at some point.

I worked so hard to get to the point where I am right now and I freaking love making these courses for everyone so more people could get better with their passions and possibly achieve their dream lifestyle in the future.

What's included?

Lifetime access to all 7 courses of mine (Over 100+ Lessons, 15+ HOURS of material) | ($4997 Value)
Support + Feedback in our private Facebook group | ($997 Value)
Weekly live coaching calls with the community (497$ Value)
All of the content (brushes, images etc) | ($597 Value)

Total Value: $7088 | Discounted Christmas special price $539

Photoshop for beginners: 6 Lessons, Perfect course for anyone who is looking to get into Photoshop. After this you should have a really good base understanding of the program. Click HERE for a detailed overview of the course!

Photoshop for photographers: 47 Lessons, the only course you'll ever need in Photoshop as a photographer. This is my biggest course and I even add more lessons into it all the time. Click HERE for a detailed overview of the course!

Rivendell Photo Composite: 13 Lessons, Extremely detailed course about my advanced workflow in creating composites. Includes also my Lightroom workflow and an animation tutorial. Click HERE for a detailed overview of the course!

Guiding Light Photo Composite: 9 Lessons, The image that I create in this course granted me over 50k followers in total on Instagram. This is my first course I ever made and it teaches you the whole workflow from scratch to the end result. Learn water reflections, perspectives, blending, color grading, lighting and much more. Click HERE for a detailed overview of the course!

Scottish Highlands Photo Composite: 10 Lessons, My most technical course ever. In this course you learn how to turn your drawn objects into realistic looking scenes. This is called matte painting and it's one of the most powerful techniques in digital art because you can choose whatever type of scene you want to create. Perfect for the people who want to learn a bit more advanced editing skills explained in a way that even beginners can understand. Click HERE for a detailed overview of the course!

Stranger Things Photo Composite: 9 Lessons, Stranger things is one of my favorite series ever and I was super inspired to create this after I watched it. It ended up going viral on IG and it's still my no.1 post ever. In the course you learn how to create the monster and the whole scene from scratch! Click HERE for a detailed overview of the course!

New Year's Photo Composite: 10 Lessons, I made this course during new year's. My edit went viral during that time and I wanted to create a course where I show my workflow on creating viral concepts. It's the best course for the people who want to improve their Photoshop skills but at the same time learn about virality. Click HERE for a detailed overview of the course!

Mate honestly I thought I knew about Photoshop but damn your course has opened my eyes man!

-Tom Carter, Photographer @nomadlad

Such a big inspiration and my editing has improved so much since completing your courses! Was featured on the @Photoshop stories, thank you once again!

Petter bülling, Digital Artist @petterbullling

Hey buddy! This comes a bit late as I've been using what I learned from your course to create even more stunning shots. I've been through hundreds of tutorials and I think being young makes you understand the right way people can learn most efficiently. Thanks a lot! Highly recommend to anyone :)

Photographer/artist @thebombayshutter

Hey mate! I just got your new course! I thought I knew a lot about Photoshop but you are quickly making me an expert. Im not much of a digital artist but this course and how it's focused on things I need to do as a photographer is so good. Thanks mucho my friend!

Adam, Photographer @asssontherun

Hey Julius! Thanks you so much for making these courses! They've helped me sooo much in creating amazing content for my lifestyle/travel niche! Couple months ago I finished the Photoshop for beginners course and was halfway through the scottish course. I wanted to create a post for when Jurassic Park came out and was able to do an edit like that from a blank canvas because of your courses!

Swati Vaghani, Photographer @svagh_

Hey Julius! I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your course and because of it I created my most successful picture ever on Instagram, Thank you so much!

Yoni Derhy, Photographer @yoniderhy

Hey Julius! Not sure if you're going to read this but I'd like to tell you that I just bought your course and finished it yesterday! I'm a photographer by trade and did all kinds of courses before but yours was so practical and straight to the point! Loved it, Thanks man!

Nicola Selhani, Photographer @nicolaselhani

Julius man, Just finished your Rivendell tutorial and it could not have let me more inspired. I was super skeptical at first but I had to reach out and just let you know how apreciative I am. I followed it step by step to create something I think is macigall, all because of your help. Truly truly thank you for sharing your wisdom. I just posted what I came up with using your tutorial, would love to know what you think!

I found the course to be very informatrive and educational. I'd definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and get better creatively. You explained thoroughly throughout each lesson. For someone like me who's a total beginner in using photoshop, I was able to easily understand how to navigate it and apply the instructions you laid out because they were clearly detailed


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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the bundle?
Refunds are given only when requested by email ([email protected]), by a student who has purchased this bundle less than 14 days prior, and has finished less than 20% of the bundle. Whether or not you click on the COMPLETE & CONTINUE button, makes no difference. The rule applies once you access 20% of the lessons in the bundle, whether or not you view the videos yourself. This has Absolutely NO exceptions!

PLEASE READ: You recognize and agree that I have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees to you about future improvement or results, or that you will learn any of the skills in exactly the same way I have, and that I have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by ANYONE. I take no responsibility for any information given that falls under those categories. You accept that I am not a professional by degree in teaching. I make absolutely NO guarantee of any kind of success, monetary or otherwise after you've gone through the whole bundle, and I take no responsibility for any time or money spent in relation to the products, my assistance, or otherwise. Only YOU may have access to this bundle. If a student is seen allowing other people to use his account to access the course, that person will be instantly removed from the bundle without a refund. You may not share this information with others not enrolled in the course. If you are found uploading these videos or sharing information anywhere else, you will be removed without refund. The Facebook group is there so everyone enrolled in my courses can share their work and ask for future guidance. RESULTS MAY WARY. Accept that although you follow the content in this buncle, you may not learn the skills in a similar way that I have. I am not responsible for your imagination or skill level. Please be aware of this.